Born in Barcelona in 1988 he produced his first photo documentary while coursing a degree in humanities at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. In it he follows a small Gypsy community who were being ousted from their traditional home. For this report he was awarded the “Connecta’t al reportatge”, with a scholarship with which he began to work in local media through an agency in Barcelona, added to which one of the photographs was chosen to be exhibited at the Getty Images Gallery in London as finalist of the Ian Parry Scholarship.

He achieved a scholarship in photojournalism at the GrisArt School of Photography in Barcelona and went on to carry out different assignments for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

Since 2015 he has been working as a freelancer for the Associated Press, for whom he has covered such spot news as the 2018 migrant caravan, in which thousands of Hondurans fled to the USA, applying for asylum. He also covered the eruption of the El Fuego volcano, which devastated communities and killed hundreds of Guatemalans.

At the same time, he joined a multimedia journalistic production company, El Intercambio, working on long-term projects about social conflicts in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador), which narrate issues such as the situation of deportees from the USA, women in gangs, imprisoned children, communities without electricity, among others.

His work has been published in he New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, ElDiario.es, VICE among others.

He has been giving photojournalism and documentary photography classes at La Fototeca since 2014.


2010Winner “III Beca CJ Connecta’t al fotoreportatge”, La Caixa.

2010 Scholarship for a workshop with Alberto-García Alix in Palma de Mallorca.

2011 Scholarship for a workshop with Franco Pagetti (VII) in Barcelona. 

2011 Collective exhibition at Getty Images gallery for Ian Parry Scholarship finalists, London

2012 Scholarship in photojournalism and documentary at the GrisArt School of Photography.

2013 Solo exhibition, “Between one and zero” at Casa Elizalde, Ciurcuit 2013. Fotografía documental en Barcelona.

2013 Participant at the “XIII Seminario de fotografía y periodismo”, Albarracín.

2014 Nominated Joop Swart Masterclass.

2015 Nominated World Press Photo Masterclass Latin America.

2015 Collective exhibition, “Everyday Guatemala” Festival Internacional de fotografía Guatephoto, Guatemala.

2016 Collective exhibition, “ES Fotoperiodismo”, Guatemala.

2017 Collective exhibition, “ES Fotoperiodismo”, Guatemala.

2017 Featured in “The year in photos: Latin America and the Caribbean, The Associated Press.

2018 Featured in “The year in Photos”; The Associated Press.

2018 Finalist at “Premio Nacional Luis Gonzalez Palma”, Guatemala.

2019 Collective exhibition, “ES Fotoperiodismo”, Guatemala.

2020 Juror’s Pick for LensCulture Journeys.

2020 Honorable mention at the International Photography Awards by Lucie Foundation