Between One
and Zero

2012 ~ 2013

“Between one and zero” is a photo essay about the social alienation  (self-estrangement) of a group of middle class youngsters who are mostly unemployed. Whenever they can, they get away from their inactivity and  boredom through new technology, alcohol, drugs and sex.

This is a tribute to the novel “Less than zero” by Bret Easton Wellis, adapted, thirty years later to the contemporary, binary digital era.

An era which encompasses the paradox of the hypercommunication and permanent connectivity among it’s members, who at the same time find themselves isolated.

These times in which, during physical encounters, the image of the person created by new technological devices is confronted by the real person. There are moments during physical encounters, when it is difficult to talk and express real feeling without the artificial mechanisms of disinhibition.